Mrs. Rana Khoury

M.A., Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies; the University of Michigan,

Dr. Nael Abdel Rahman

Ph.D. from the Jordanian University, Jordan, College of Educational Sciences, full-time lecturer at college of educational sciences, Jerusalem Open University

Dr. Kifah Mohammad Manasra

Ph.D. from Moutha University, Jordan, College of Social Sciences, full-time lecturer at college of human sciences

Dr. Saleh Jallad

Dr. Jallad is a financial consultant at Consolidated Contractors Group CCC, Athens.

Dr. Mohammad Rizek

Dr. Rizek is the Director General of Bethlehem Health Department. He served as Director of Community and Health Department at MoH

Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh

Mr. Abu Dayyeh is the Vice President of Netours and the General Manager of Net Transport. He serves in the board of Bethlehem University

Dr. Victor Batarseh

Dr. Batarseh was the Mayor of Bethlehem from May 2005 to November 2012, and Chairman of Bethlehem joint services council

Mr. Nafez Husseini

Is the VP of ICT & Digital Business of the Greece based Consolidated Contractors Company

Mrs. Hind Khoury

With an educational background in economics and business management, Mrs. Khoury had a rich and diverse professional life and held responsible positions.

Eng. Ziad Al Bandak

تجربة ابن تجربة