AFBDF and BDF aim to transform Bethlehem into a vibrant international spiritual destination with a sustainable economy and infrastructure.  The development of Bethlehem is essential in reviving the birthplace of Jesus Christ and in making this Holy Region a top travel destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. Over the years AFBDF and BDF have built fruitful cooperative bridges with local governments, donor agencies, and international bodies in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. AFBDF is progressing through three identified set tracks: private sector investments, public infrastructure projects and philanthropic donations. The common objective is to achieve a pipeline of sustainable support for these projects. AFBDF has deep experience in the Bethlehem Region and has already supported a variety of projects including: the restoration of the Church of the Nativity, the rehabilitation and beautification of Manger Square, elevating Bethlehem’s Christmas festivities, efficient street lighting in Bethlehem, and continued management of the Solid Waste facility throughout the Bethlehem Governorate. AFBDF/BDF has also improved the quality of public life in Bethlehem.


The vision of AFBDF is to support the efforts of BDF to develop Bethlehem and its region into a lively and spiritual travel destination while supporting the important tourism sector. It is in this spirit that AFBDF will continue to assist in the restoration of the Church of Nativity. It is our goal to continue preserve this jewel of Bethlehem so that it remains a living symbol of spirituality, peace, and coexistence.